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Terra Cotta Small Pot Waterer

Plant Pot Waterer - clay pot irrigation for indoor & outdoor use in smaller plant pots & container gardening

  • This Terracotta Plant Pot Waterer is an unglazed porous clay pot which when positioned in potting compost & filled with water allows water to seep through the clay into the soil providing a constant water source to plant roots.

  • The benefits include: Slow release water supply direct to plant roots - Helps to prevent pots from drying out during warmer summer months - Weekends away? Simply top up before you go!

  • Based on the ancient Olla pot low tech irrigation method used in many hot environments around the world this smaller terracotta irrigation tube is suitable for use in smaller plant pots, planters & containers.

  • Simply place the tube in your plant pot, part fill with potting soil leaving the neck of the tube exposed. Position plants adding more potting soil as required.

  • Handmade at Weston Mill’s UK pottery studio in Newark on Trent, from Staffordshire terracotta clay.

Size: Length 4.5", Diameter 1.5”