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Upstate Diary Magazine

A look inside:

At Home with the Artist: Whether it’s upstate, the island of Nevis or the Greek islands, Helen Marden keeps the doors open. The painter, jewel-box hotelier and art-world doyenne speaks with startling frankness and easy candor about creativity, money, illness, and the behaviors of some New York City gallerists.

Words Anna Godbersen / Ph: Martien Mulder

The Chair Orchard: Alice and Gavin Munro are furniture makers with a difference. Using willow and other native hedgerow species, the couple grow lamps, chandeliers, tables and chairs by shaping them from trees, for periods of up to a decade, in a painstaking process fraught with uncertainty and the vagaries of nature, which only makes it more fascinating.

Words: Mark Hooper / Ph: Chris Webb

Giorgio Morandi: Leslie Williamson’s most recent book, Still Lives: In the Homes of Artists, Great and Unsung features a stunning collection of intimate portrayals of artists’ homes and studios, including Barbara Hepworth, Derek Jarman, Georgia O’Keeffe and Isamu Noguchi, among others. We feature Giorgio Morandi, the Italian painter and print maker who specialized in exquisite, understated still lifes noted for their tonal subtlety.

Words: Leslie Williamson / Ph: Leslie Williamson

Living in a Box: This story about one tiny home could and probably should be all about climate crisis. The reality of humans and housing, though, is more complex, so this is also a story about habit, power, comfort, and one little, old cottage in Sweden called Lådan.

Words: Tony Moxham / Ph: Mattas Edwall

LA Stories: Actor and director Griffin Dunne and author Mark Rozzo discuss family, pop art, Dennis Hopper, Brook Hayward and one of the greatest collections of contemporary art in the ‘60s, as well as Rozzo’s book, Everybody Thought We Were Crazy: Dennis Hopper, Brooke Hayward, and 1960s Los Angeles.

Ph: Martin Crook and archival photography from the Dennis Hopper Foundation.

Art & Craft: Kiva Motnyk harnesses nature’s bounty to create her kaleidoscopic textiles. Like artists who set up portable easels to capture the splendor of nature’s shifting moods, Motnyk, draws inspiration from hours spent walking her twenty-acre property. The rural landscape not only informs her palette but is also the source of her pigments.

Words: Sabine Hrechdakian / Ph: Carlton Davis

Right Man, Right place, Right time: Renaissance man Taavo Somer leads the way, creating a concept hotel and golf course, Inness, in Accord, NY.

Words: Paul Tierney / Ph: Martin Crook

Bringing the Bounty: With the schooner, Apollonia, it’s not next day delivery, but having your goods delivered by ship is prime.

Words: Jon Bowermaster/ Ph: Ocean 8 Films

Blueberries with a Twist: Jared Handelsman’s love of blueberries is a work of art. At his rural farm, he has created an entire ecosystem — the centerpiece of which is his Blueberry Spiral, a labyrinthine and serpentine hedgerow draped with diaphanous netting that highlights his 83-acre property

Words: Chris Hartman / Ph: Guzman