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Mystic Knot Square Rope Rug

Rope Mat
Made in Mystic, CT

This is a classically styled door mat is woven with 130 feet of manila rope. It will last for years left out in the weather, and silver with age like cedar shingles. To care for these mats, you really have to not care.  So long as you don't let them soak under water, and as long as you don't wash them with a degreaser or detergent, the mats will last a decade or more.  They can get wet, rained on, snowed on, frozen, picked up and dropped off by a tornado, stuck to Godzilla's toenail, but so long as he doesn't shoot his flaming breath at it, they mat will still survive long after the city is laid waste.

Made with 1/2 inch manila rope, it measures 29 inches x 18 inches.